PMHA Photo Night & Sidney Food Bank Drive

Posted by Peninsula Minor Hockey on Oct 13 2017 at 08:32PM PDT

Please bring a non-perishable food item for the Sidney Food Bank and show how generous our PMHA Family is!

Here is the schedule for the evening: Recent updates in BOLD


420 novice minor T3 drsg room A2
430 Novice Major T1 (H4) A4
440 Novice Major T2 (H4) A5
450 Atom A B1
500 Novice Minor T2 (H3) A4
510 novice minor T1 drsg room A5
520 Atom B B2
530 Atom C1 B3
540 Atom C2 B2
550 Atom C3 A3
610 PeeWee A B2
620 PeeWee B A2
630 PeeWee C1 A3
640 PeeWee C2 B2
650 PeeWee C3 A5
700 PeeWee Female A3
710 Bantam A A2
720 Bantam B B2
730 Midget A A4
740 Midget B A1
750 Bantam C1 A5
800 Bantam C2 A3
810 Bantam Female A2
820 Midget C1 A5
830 Midget C2 A3
840 Midget C3 A2
850 Referees A3

Photo night has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th running from
3:50-9:10 PM. We welcome all PMHA players and coaches to please join us on
this evening for individual and group photographs.

Below is a schedule of the evening as well as some hints on how to navigate
this exceptionally busy time:

1) For those teams assigned a dressing room on A side: Please come in
through the south doors, NOT the main lobby. Please also exit by these
doors. For those teams assigned a dressing room on B side: Please enter and
exit through the lower doors to Arena B (to the right of the main
lobby entrance with the large “12” painted on the doors)

2) Players need to be dressed with skates on but NOT helmets or neck
guards. If playing for an IP, Novice or Atom team, please come
pre-dressed and just put the skates on in the dressing room.

3) All players should be at the rink 10 minutes before your photo
time so your player can be lined up in order, ready to go. It is intended that the
photo schedule runs to the minute. Alphabetical in order of last name-
I’ll ensure you have a roster to double check it all looks accurate.
All players should stay in that order as they have their individual
shots done.

4) Please enter and exit the dressing rooms quickly as another team
will be using the space once you are done. If your player has a
practice, the dressing room is exclusively reserved for 10-20 minutes
before, during and 10-20 minutes after the practice. Please exit as soon as
possible following practice.

5) * !! remember to bring a non-perishable item for the food bank.
Bins will be set up in the lobby.*

6) The photographer is confident we should need only 10 minutes per
team, but please be patient if anything runs slightly behind! We are
all volunteers.